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# SPECIFIC MARKETS DATA # PROMOTING BRAND AWARENESS. Servicing investors from around the globe to successfully trade with the European Union Countries, Eastern Europe and United Kingdom in the time of Brexit

Contemplating of business in EU, Eastern Europe or UK ?

We have many years of experience in this field. Unrivalled connection with many professionals in Europe. Experience in negotiations.

And knowledge to guide you in the specific time of Brexit !


- Advice on European legal matters

- Advice on Polish, Slovakian, Ukrainian and Georgian business law and taxations

- Connecting those who want to sell in Europe and buy from EU, EE or United Kingdom


Please call our London office on +44 800 3689625 and leave us message if we are not available, we will always call you back.

Increasing knowledge of the business culture of a country, which we want to cooperate with, is not only an interesting adventure but also an important part of the preparations for the transaction. Awareness of cultural differences can help to protect investor, trader, of trouble and a waste of money.

0800 3689625 toll freen in UK

from abroad +44800 3689625 

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